sábado, 29 de março de 2014

Spring Outfit

Hi guys! In today's post i'm going to show you my First Spring Outfit.

We're actually in spring but thanks to the weather i wasn't in a spring mood, so i decided to start cleaning my closet and wear more spring clothes to change it.
So, i tried to do that, and in this outfit i was wearing a floral black dress with a white cardigan, and black tights because it was really cold.

I hope you liked my outfit, and i'll try to be more active in the blog and post weekly. xo

segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014

Ultimate Wishlist

Hi guys! In this week's post i'm going to show you my ultimate wishlist.
So, in here you can see my favorite things that i hope i can buy someday. I know that i have here some expensive things but this is like a lifetime wishlist, and even though probably i will only buy half of the things in here. (I also want a lot of books but i hadn't space for them but i promise that i'll do a wishlist only with books)

I hope you liked it and comment down bellow some things that you'd like to see on my next posts!

domingo, 23 de fevereiro de 2014

Random Haul: Books and Shows

Hi guys! I know i did a haul a few posts ago and with some things that you may see here but i decided to make a bigger one and only with random things, like books and dvd's. So, as you can see i bought the season 1 and 3 from gossip girl, and i can say for sure that right now it's one of my favorite shows ever, i just love the show and derena is one of my otp's. I also bought the first season of the vampire diaries (because it was on sale and i watch it since the start and i love it so much), and the second season of games of thrones.

Now i'm going to talk about the books i bought/receive. I read the first hunger games book and  i really loved it, and after watching catching fire on my birthday i decided to buy the second one, and later my friends gave me the third one and i'm really excited to finish it. Then i ordered Alexa Chung "it" and i've already read it and it's so amazing and beautifull and i'm speechless. The last book i bought was "Divergente" because i heard a lot of things about the book and i want to read it so bad (hopefully, after i finish the perks of being a wallflower i can start reading it.) I hope you liked my post and i see you next week! x